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Back On Track "Haze Collection" Show Cooler

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The Haze Rug is a lightweight quilted blanket available in melange brown and melange gray. An eye-catcher with luxurious cord and a leather-look badge with Back on Track® logo. The blanket is fully lined in Welltex® waffle cloth. Furthermore, the blanket has a breathable 200 gram filling with high moisture-absorbing capacity. The Haze Rug has faux fur at the withers. At the front we see the T-bar closure with a hidden girth.

The Haze Collection Rugs are fused with a formula of bio-minerals called Welltex® emitting beneficial light rays of far infrared energy. These safe waves of FIR energy can help increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Soothing infrared wavelengths help to increase blood flow, which provides nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area to help relieve pain and inflammation. These rugs are energized by the power of far infrared rays. Help your horse loosen up and move their best.

  • Welltex® technology
  • Breathable
  • Swedish design
  • T-bar closure
  • Hidden girth

Washing instructions

Machine wash at 40 ° C, moderate cycle. Do not bleach,
hang dry, do not iron, do not dry clean
Do not use bleach