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Acavallo Arena Aluplus 2.0 Safety Stirrup

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The Acavallo Arena AluPlus 2.0 Safety Stirrup Irons are made completely of aluminum and fitted with a stainless-steel tread. The aluminum is very lightweight and durable, and the stainless steel footbed resists corrosion. The opening of the stress-actuated locking and release mechanism is located 1cm higher than the tread ensuring the foot does not slip out laterally by mistake. The safety mechanism is located on the top to prevent sand and dirt from delaying the opening action of the arm. . A 5-degree angle helps riders assume the correct position and relieves tension on their ankles, calves, knees and hips. Very similar to the original design, however these irons feature a more matte finish that is harder wearing, and slightly thiner arms.