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EcoGold Breeze PONY Saddle Pad - Various Colours

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The Breeze saddle pad is an ultra-thin non-slip saddle pad (think Secure without foam) that you can customize with trim. The athletic ventilated fabric speeds up evaporation and helps the pony’s body thermoregulate during exercise. The airflow prevents bacteria build-up.

The Breeze saddle pad allows a closer connection with the pony.

The non-slip surface keeps the saddle in place.

Add a matching half pad for a complete look.

The Breeze saddle pad is available with the matching half pad made with 0.5” thick high-resiliency foam. It is slightly thinner than the Flip Half Pad (0.75” foam) and is not shimmable. The underside of the Breeze Half Pad is 100% breathable non-slip material.