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Ice Vibe Hock Wrap - Pair

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The Ice-Vibe® Hock Wrap offers a non-restrictive and practical solution to treating your horse's hocks effectively with a targeted treatment. The vibrating massaging hock wrap effectively treats strains, ligament and tendon damage and supports optimum hock health with everyday use; before and after exercise.

This innovative hock boot comes with liners containing gel beads that can be activated to offer cold therapy and easily mould around your horse's hocks, supported by the secure Velcro outer hook wrap.

A fantastic addition to your horse management kit, these rechargeable hock wraps are easy to care for and use, helping to reduce soreness and swelling, boost circulation and stimulate the horse's natural healing processes.

Includes two hock wraps, two cold packs, two massage panels, one charger & a lightweight storage bag.