Dy'on is a high quality Belgian brand of bridles, chaps and textiles for horses and riders since 1989.

The creator of the brand, Philippe Dion, was born in Belgium in 1964. He started riding at the age of 13 and fell in love with the discipline. Not being very academic, his parents allowed him to leave school at the age of 16 to train as a farrier.

A few years later, as a rider and farrier, he dreamed of a pair of long chaps. Lacking the means, he finally decided in 1986 to make his first pair of Long Chaps with the help of his seamstress aunt. To do so, he compared several models worn by his friends in order to compose the cut that would suit him best.

Satisfied with their realization, he never leaves his long chaps. At the stables and during training sessions, they attract a lot of attention and orders are coming in. The first year, they made one pair per week, the second year, one pair of chaps per day. The first workshop opened its doors in 1989. Dy'on was then born.

Following the success of the chaps and mini-chaps, riders came with requests for bridles, gaiters, ... So in 1994 Philippe took on a new challenge and started making bridles.

He designed products that met the demands of the high level sport market. At the time, they were manufactured in England, a country renowned for its leather and its expertise. While the production of the chaps remained and will always remain in Belgium.

For 10 years, in order to make the brand known, he travelled to the four corners of Europe to serve our customers at the biggest sporting events. The great riders and their grooms were an inexhaustible source of inspiration.