Oscar & Grabrielle All-Weather LEXI Jacket - Air Vest Compatible

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Wind Wet Weather Jacket LEXI Freejump Airbag Technology compatible jacket for the Freejump Airbag (Zip free system, no zipper between the jacket and the airbag).

Made for training or to wear on your airbag show jacket when it’s rainy.

LEXI is designed to be worn on your Freejump Airbag, the material inflate in case airbag’s inflation.

This Wind Wet Weather Jacket is water repellent, transparent with Oscar & Gabrielle print details on the heart and in the back

Unisex, Available from XXS to XXL.

  • Maintenance : 

Wash on the wrong side at 30 degree in the washing machine.

Quick drying. Neither dryer nor ironing.