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This thicker, easy to apply version of Sore No-More® Performance Ultra is the ideal choice when you are in need of a highly effective, clinical strength formula in even the hardest to reach places. Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion is the same 100% herbal, arnica based formula as the Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Liniment, but in a thicker version that is ideal for use in hard to reach areas like the girth and legs. And because of its thick, 100% herbal formula, you can safely apply it before and after you ride, under wraps, saddle pads, and equipment, without fear of burning.

The convenient Sore No-More®Performance Ultra Gelotion gel-like formula is part of the Sore No-More® Performance family which means it does not contain lobelia and, like all Sore No-More®products, never contains capsaicin. That means you can compete at any level, up to FEI, worry free. And Sore No-More® Performance Ultra's invigorating new ginger scent will stimulate your senses and keep your horse smelling great!

When you're horse experience extra stressful work, injuries, trauma, or an old injury flares up, reach for the gold standard in topical analgesic, Sore No-More®Performance Ultra Gelotion. You'll get an easy to apply, highly effective liniment and you're horse will get the relief their looking for.

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion is an arnica based herbal liniment formulated in a convenient gel at clinical strength for any competition level. Thicker than the liniment and stays on hard to reach areas. Specifically designed for faster and highly effective results when reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, or loosening is needed for legs, body, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Safe for sensitive skinned horses.

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion has many uses:

  • Use when needing a thicker, less runny type liniment
  • Great to use on legs or places harder to keep liniments in place
  • Use anywhere on the body and in any modality as the Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment; works the same as our liniment formula
  • Great coupling medium for ultrasound work

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion benefits:

  • A cooling, clinical strength liniment that will not blister or burn
  • Use under bandages or with ice, laser, magnetic or ceramic therapy
  • Use prior to exercising to loosen muscles and tendons – an excellent benefit when bringing a horse back from injury or when managing old injuries
  • A leg and body brace before and after exercise to stimulate blood flow
  • As an indicator - sore muscles will lather when you rub it in
  • Excellent for use on chemically sensitive horses
  • Invigorating ginger scent

Sore No-More® is twice as cool as the competition.