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Signature by Antares Hunter Girth with Removable Synthetic Sheepskin Liner

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The Signature by Antares Hunter Girth is an anatomical girth with accentuated cutouts behind the elbows. The adapted shape avoids pinching and allows for optimal movement of the horse's front legs. The elastic portion of the girth allows for adjustment of the girth on either side and ensures symmetry. The offset straps allow for better weight distribution on the horse's thorax, ensuring easy girthing and comfort.  The covered central attachment allows for training aids to be used, while maintaining the aesthetics of the hunter ring. 

The Removable Sheepskin Liner is a hypoallergenic synthetic sheepskin liner. It is removable and washable. The velcro system allows for easy attachment and removal of the liner. The liner offers a very soft contact with the horse's skin, preventing rubs or other irritations. Comes in a cream colour. 


  • Adapted shape
  • Elastic on either side
  • Offset straps
  • Synthetic sheepskin liner
  • A covered central attachment for training aids
  • Malt coloured leather
  • Cream stitching
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Part of the Signature by Antarès collection
  • Premium buffalo leather 
  • *note: neoprene liner not available.