CLEARANCE The Level Best for Your Horse, the Myler Bitting System Book

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'The Level Best for Your Horse' builds on the Myler brothers' first book 'A Whole Bit Better' as an introduction and comprehensive guide to the innovative Myler Bitting System, including expanded descriptions of the unique Myler mouthpieces, thorough explanations of leverage and bit design and step-by-step guides to finding and using the right bit for your horse! 


  • Guide to Understanding Bit Resistance
  • Outline of the Anatomy of Bitting a Horse
  • Detailed Descriptions of Myler Mouthpieces & Cheekpieces
  • Guide to Horse and Rider Evaluation for Bit Selection
  • Suggestions for Introducing a New Myler Bit
  • Detailed Combination Bit Description and User Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • 6" x 7¾"


226 pages, Published 2010 

Also includes 'A Whole Bit Better' DVD for a full visual guide to the Myler System and Products!

If you are in the market for a new bit for your horse, this book is a must-have! Enlighten yourself for the benefit of your horse and try the Myler Bitting System today!