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Hansen Fake Tail Bag

Precio original $90.63 - Precio original $90.63
Precio original
$90.63 - $90.63
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The Hansen Fake Tail Bag is the perfect solution for keeping your tail in excellent condition. Our innovative “pull through” design allows the tail to be held snug, avoid damage from zippers and never brush the hairs the wrong direction.

The cylinder design has a zipper on both the top and bottom of the bag. To insert your tail simply open both ends, put your arm into the bag from the top (having your hand reach out the bottom) and pull the tail into the bag from the bottom opening. Then simply clip the tail in place using the snap at the top of the bag and close both zippers to secure the tail in place.

To remove the tail, open the top zipper, unclip the tail and pull it out through the top opening. This will ensure the tail is always smoothed from top to bottom when using the tail bag.

The bag itself is made from our signature LUSH velvets and includes a smooth nylon lining to prevent any damage to the tail as well as a fixed snap at the top of the bag and a “halter leather” handle on the exterior so it can be hung and carried with ease.
Like all our LUSH products, the fake tail bag is machine washable.