Innovation since 1906 - for more than 110 years Schweizer-Effax has stood for innovative thinking and maximum quality control.


If a company has existed for 110 years, it is not just a sign of long-term economic health. Rather, this fact allows the conclusion that high-quality products represent the basis of economic success. Schweizer-Effax stands for long tradition and experience, combined with continuous research, innovative development and careful quality control.


Forward-looking companies always have a successful past. Schweizer-Effax has been a success story for 110 years. Even in the early years, the company placed great value on product quality - a philosophy that is still lived today.


In 1906, the care of leather and hoof was the focus of the company. Since then, the Schweizer-Effax GmbH has constantly developed and made a name for itself with international well-known brands in various sports such as football, equestrian sports, skiing and athletics. For over 80 years, the company has been established in the sports trade and is particularly proud of the successful cooperation and innovative exchange with numerous sports associations. Since 2011, the Effol brand has been the official supplier of the DOKR and since then has been supporting the German frontrunners with care products. Sport LAVIT's Free Foam Spray Ref Foam has been used in the German professional leagues since the 2015 season and Schweizer-Effax has been the official free kick spray supplier of the DFB ever since.


Looking back on the past 110 years, one can see the continuous growth of the company through the consistent development of contemporary and effective products and the consistent focus on the sales markets. And the company is also strengthened for the coming years and looks to the future with its many innovative ideas.