Omega Alpha


Nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Gordon Chang was handed his Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Toronto, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and he soon decided on a career in OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing for natural health products. With this goal in mind Dr. Chang founded Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Toronto in 1992 and became a custom manufacturer.

Back in the early 1990's there were many natural health products in the marketplace but with no regulation of the industry, consumers had no idea if what was stated on the label was actually what was in the bottles of supplements they were buying. Dr. Chang realized that what was needed in the industry was rigorous scientific quality and manufacturing to GMP pharmaceutical standards. Before he even opened his doors for business he had Omega Alpha Canada certified for manufacturing to GMP standards to ensure the scientific quality of the products he began to create. Omega Alpha Canada was site licensed for GMP standards more than a decade before this was required by the NHPD Health Canada. 'In the early days, we produced just a few products and my small sales staff and I hit the pavement to convince retailers that our products would sell because of their efficacy, as I insist on only using ingredients that have scientific research behind any claim made,' says Dr. Chang.

Consumers soon found out something wonderful about Omega Alpha products - they worked!- and the sales began to grow considerably. Now, consumers know they can purchase the Omega Alpha Canada brand for human health in most health food stores, pharmacies and even mass market stores across Canada. Today, the company employs over 50 staff and produces hundreds of products bearing the Omega Alpha Canada brand for human, equine and pet health consumption. Dr Chang states, 'We still do custom manufacturing for other companies that share our desire for safe efficacious products. For our own brands, our focus on education and product training has really brought us to the forefront of the industry as these educational sessions are conducted on a regular basis for all of our divisions. Whether one is looking for products for human, equine or pet health our dealers and consumers can be assured that we utilize only the best manufacturing ingredients and standards for all products - whether for their two-legged or four-legged family members.