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Rubber Curry Comb

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Grooming your horse is a tough job, especially if it spends a lot of time out at pasture. Between galloping through puddles, rolling through mud, and getting trickled on by the rain, your horse can work up quite a mess in his coat. That's why you need a heavy duty curry comb to get him clean. The Equi-Essentials Rubber Curry certainly fits the bill. It is designed for long term use, with a genuine rubber construction that outlasts composite or alternative material curries. The strength of this curry is also in the pressure that can be applied. Unlike with weaker curry combs, Equi-Essentials Rubber Curry can withstand a bit of elbow grease. It will break up clumps of dirt and mud with ease, loosen matted hair, and exfoliate the skin underneath. As a result, the condition of your horses coat will improve, as well as his circulation and muscle relaxation. A flexible handle and oval shape make this curry easy to hold and handle.