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Free Shipping in Canada with purchases over $125
Free Shipping in Canada with purchases over $125


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What Our Clients Say About Us On Google

Cath DeQ
a year ago

Excellent personalized service ! I went with my daughter to purchase a saddle and we were very impressed with the time the staff took to explain everything and answer our questions. We were grateful to take the saddle for a trial before we committed to a purchase. After which, we were able to book with their staff for a fitting at our barn. we I would highly recommend!

Melanie Derry
a year ago

Recently bought my daughter stirrups (MDC S classic). She loves them. Compared to her previous school stirrups, she reports her foot has a lot more grip, her heels are down and toes point forward with less effort, and her lower leg is more stable. The service was great: I ordered them online and they were delivered within 2 days. We also got a quarter sheet, but the weather's been warm and we haven't used it yet. Service was very quick there as well.

Sam Mac
10 months ago

Owen & his team always go above and beyond. They are easy to work with and very flexible with their customers. They are also huge supporters of the local horse community initiatives and events. Great place to shop.