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Restricted Sale Items/ Price Controls

Restricted Sale Items/ Price Controls

Some times when we have sales we get asked why certain products aren't discounted. Below is a list of suppliers that don't usually allow sales or discounts on their products due to their price controls. Some do occasionally allow sales at certain times of the year like Black Friday etc.

  • Antares
  • SamShield
  • Wormers
  • Tri Acta
  • Lemieux
  • Helite
  • FreeJump
  • Consignment Goods
  • Used Goods/ Saddles
  • Ogilvy
  • Name Plates
  • Blanket/ Saddle Pad Washing
  • Tipperary
  • One K
  • Kask
  • Tailored Sportsman
  • Struck
  • Horseware
  • Lemieux


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