5/A® Baker History

In 1866, the S.W. Baker Company of Providence, Rhode Island developed an “evaporating horse blanket” specifically designed to cool out a sweaty horse and used the original description and illustration still in use today in our signature red tag and red-tag logo. The William Ayres & Sons Company of Philadelphia then acquired the Baker brand name. In 1959, their catalog proclaimed that their products had been branded 5/A, including the “5/A Baker®”, which was specifically reserved for the famous triple-weave plaid blanket (today’s Baker Blanket, original plaid). Ayres was acquired by the Philadelphia Blanket Company in 1960, and in 1964 combines names as the Ayres-Philadelphia Blanket Company. In 1987 change continues when they ceased operation and for the next three years Baker products were manufactured by A.T. Stone & Company of Patterson, NJ. In 1990, they sold the Baker brand to the Curvon Horse Clothing Company. Curvon remained the owner until January 2019, when Jacks purchased all trademark and brand names. Our mission…to make an even BETTER Baker than before!

That Famous Fabric!

Horse owners worldwide know and love that iconic tan and black Baker plaid with fancy striped trim. That’s the most obvious clue you are looking at a Baker, as long as it has the red logo tag proclaiming its authenticity as well!

What unifies all, however, is an unrelenting dedication to quality, durability, and good looks. When you want that kind of quality, the answer is simple: Just look for the red Baker tag, as none Genuine Without It!