Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer is your home for top quality English riding supplies.

In 1993, Nunn Finer® began making racing equipment for the American Thoroughbred racing industry. Before long, other equine disciplines recognized the superior quality of their products and, quickly thereafter, leather goods and equipment requests for other disciplines started coming in.

It was then that John Nunn, President of Nunn Finer®, began focusing his efforts outside the racing industry, eventually capturing the attention of the Eventing, Dressage, and Foxhunting communities. John also saw the need for high quality bridles for competing in the world of Hunters, Show Jumping and Dressage that did not break the bank.

"I could never figure out why bridles cost $500-$600 dollars without reins. I know what it cost to make a beautiful bridle out of the finest Italian leather which surely should not cost our customers that much."

So, the journey began. Today, Nunn manufactures more than 25 different bridles, most made from Italian leather. All are significantly less than their competitors' and bridles always include reins.

"Another thing I could never understand was if you break a cheek piece or need a different size brow band, the matching part wasn't available," says John. "At Nunn Finer, we stock all the parts and pieces that can be purchased separately to ensure your bridle always has matching pieces and fits your horse correctly."

As an active eventing and show jumping competitor himself, he understands the need for quality tack that holds up, looks great, and is affordable.

Along with gorgeous bridles, Nunn Finer® offers matching martingales, breastplates, and stirrup leathers along with an array of equine boots for day-to-day training and competition.

Nunn Finer® is also the largest supplier of studs and caulks in the country, and the only manufacturer of the revolutionary self-cleaning stud.

Look for Nunn Finer® at all of your favorite retailers throughout the United States and Europe.

Always affordable. Always something the boss is proud to ride in. Always a brand you can trust. Because we are as passionate about riding as you are.