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Back on Track Rhyolite Blanket Liner - 100g

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The Back on Track Liner System offers additional warmth and infrared therapy, making it a staple for equine care. This versatile system adapts to seasonal needs, ensuring your horse stays comfortable year-round. The Welltex’s infrared benefits promote wellness and ease discomfort from chronic conditions like arthritis or muscle stiffness, enhancing the overall blanketing solution.

The liner fastens effortlessly and securely to the outer blanket using a hook and loop system along the neck, and at the blanket’s rear end to help prevent slippage. This ingenious liner is easily washable in a household washing machine, offering a cost-effective and practical way to enhance warmth without the extra bulk or the necessity for an additional blanket.

The Rhyolite liner is also available in a 200g, and features a hook-and-loop fastening at the back above the tail for simple and solid attachment to a Back on Track® Equine Turnout Rug, Obsidian or other. It also has a T-buckle at the front and a tail strap at the back for added security. Investing in a Back on Track infrared horse blanket liner could be a beneficial choice to support the overall well-being and movement of your horse, especially in addressing specific muscle or joint concerns, or for providing additional warmth in the winter.