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Helite Airbag "Zip in 2" Safety Vest - HUNTER EDITION

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Helite's next generation of airbags is here! The Helite ZIP'IN 2 Airbag is a 2-in-1 air vest that can be worn on its own, or under an approved exterior garment. Stylish, comfortable and discreet, the Helite ZIP'IN 2 features a concealed air bag that provides state-of-the-art protection and exceptional peace of mind for professional and amateur riders alike. In the case of a fall, the airbag deploys quickly (approximately 100 MS) before impact. Designed to prevent serious injury, the ZIP'IN 2 Airbag inflates rapidly to protect your head, neck, spinal column, trunk and vital organs from injury. Depending on the size of vest you wear, between 14 and 28L of air will be deployed to cushion and protect you from serious injury.


  • Stylish 2-in-1 Air Vest
  • Can be worn alone or zipped into an approved outer layer
  • Deploys quickly, approximately 100 MS
  • Simple, mechanical system is easy to use and can be reset in minutes
  • Protects and stabilizes spinal column, neck, head, trunk and internal organs
  • Large volume of air depending on size worn (between 14 and 28L)
  • Hi-tech, breathable fabric makes vest comfortable and easy to wear
  • Convenient and comfortable front zip styling
  • Air Vest comes with 1 cartridge, 1 lanyard and 1 saddle strap
  • Please watch the video below to see how to attach the saddle straps
  • BE SURE to unhook the airbag before getting off the horse or the airbag may deploy
  • Once deployed, a new air canister will be required (replacement canisters sold separately)

  • PLEASE NOTE: USA orders are FINAL SALE due to US postal restrictions regarding air canisters.

    Please watch the video linked below for instructions on proper cartridge replacement


    *These products are price controlled by the supplier/ distributor and do not go on sale