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ECOGOLD Exercise Boots - Various Colours

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Ecogold horse boots are breathable, flexible, lightweight, and provide superior support and protection.

Made with breathable memory foam, they conform to the horse’s legs and distribute the pressure evenly. The high tech materials evaporate moisture quickly keeping the horse’s legs cool, dry and comfortable.

Completely neoprene-free, these horse boots are lined with microfibre for a soft, ‘pillowy’ feel which prevents rubbing. They are easy to clean and machine washable.

Sold as a set of two.

Front and hind boots are identical, so choose a larger size for the hind.

Size Guide:

Small 9" width X 10" height

Medium 10" width X 10.5" height

Large 11" width X 11" height

XLarge 12" width X 12" height