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M Class MIPS OneK x Ovation - YOUTH sizes

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Built in the One K Factory for Ovation, this helmet is a game changer in the World Equestrian market. 

These are sized helmets and do not have a dial like the other Ovation helmets.  These helmets look and fit incredible!

The Ovation M Class helmet features a matte Polycarbonate and Advanced ABS Composite outer shell; injection molded shell design; washable quick-dry, moisture wicking, anti-microbial liner; stainless steel mesh; comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, hook & loop adjustment. For added comfort and air flow, the Ovation M Class has a large front ventilation system, top vented center stripe and two back side vents. For enhanced protection from brain injuries, this helmet featured Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS).  MIPS is designed to add protection against rotational motion transmitted to the brain from angled impacts to the head. Rotational motion is a combination of rotational energy and rotational forces from angular acceleration that both increase the risk for brain injuries. MIPS’ added protection has been independently proven to reduce rotational motion by redirecting energies and forces that would otherwise be transmitted to the brain.


X-Small 47 - 48 cm 5 7/8 - 6
Small 49 - 50 cm 6 1/8 - 6 1/4
Medium 51 - 52 cm 6 3/8 - 6 1/2