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Signature by Antares Single Strap Stirrup Leathers - Various Sizes/Colours

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Wider than the previous model, they allow a better position and fixation of the rider's leg. The balance is maintained. Contact with the horse is improved.

The buckle low position eliminates any excess thickness under the crotch, and discomfort may be caused to the level of the skirt.

Embedded stitching with specially designed braided yarn to fight abrasion.

Redesigned slice to limit saddle flap wear.

Large stirrup bar loop for easy placement. Easy attachment and detachment of stirrups.

"R" monostrap stirrup leathers for the right and "L" monostrap stirrup leathers for the left.

Colors & finishings

Malt with cream stitching
Black with black stitching


  • Part of the Signature by Antarès collection
  • Premium buffalo leather
  • Grained leather

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