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Furazone Dressing - Nitro Ointment

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Fura-zone is an antibacterial preparation for topical application for minor cuts.

Nitro Ointment

Nitro Ointment is used for the local treatment and prevention of bacterial infections of wounds, burns, coetaneous ulcers, and cracked heels in horses. It can also also be used for the treatment of pyodermas in horses.


Clean area with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Apply ointment directly to affected area, or first place on a piece of gauze directly in contact with the affected area or use a bandage. Keep ointment in contact with the lesion for 12-24 hours. For a wet dressing, dilute with 2-3 parts of sterile water or saline, and apply several times daily.


Each gram contains 2 mg of nitrofurazone in a water soluble polyglycol base.