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Trophy Tails Hunter Tail Extension, Black 2 Sizes

Original price $299.95 - Original price $399.95
Original price
$299.95 - $399.95
Current price $299.95

Trophy Tails Hunter Tail Extensions are made from 100% natural un-dyed horsehair taken from LIVE horses. Only live horses that are well cared for have the glossy healthy hair that we feel will blend with your horse’s beautiful healthy tail. One pound tails come standard 38 inches long and half pound tails come standard 37 inches long. This is typically much longer than is required on most horses, but you are given the most hair for your money, knowing that you can trim down to a PERFECT fit. Remember, you can always trim, but you can’t add!

Tail Tamer Trophy Tails are extremely popular with braiders. These tails attach easily & are the perfect show ring solution for sparse tails. Rest easy knowing that these 100% real horsehair tails come from live horses.



  • Made from 100% real horsehair
  • From live horses
  • Blends naturally with your horse's tail colour
  • Loop end for easy attachment
  • Tapered bottom for a natural look