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CLEARANCE Stubben Adjuster Streamline Dressage Saddle Pad

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Prix d'origine $264.95
Prix d'origine $264.95 - Prix d'origine $264.95
Prix d'origine $264.95
Prix actuel $198.95
$198.95 - $198.95
Prix actuel $198.95

The adjuster pad is a multifunctional article that can be used both as a traditional saddle pad and as a saddle pad with shims. The great advantage is that the pockets fixed to the saddle pad ensure that the saddle pad moves as little as possible.
If there are problems with the fit of the saddle, foam wedges can be inserted separately into the pockets provided on the pad to raise the saddle at the appropriate point. The 7mm thick isoprene foams ensure a soft transition.
The correction pad is equipped with a super-soft velour edging, a fashionable piping band, reinforced girth and swirl channel zone as well as adjustable press stud fastenings on the breastplate d-rings.

Comes with a velcro saddle component.

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