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FreeJump Liberty Plus UNISEX Paddock Boots

Prix d'origine $515.00 - Prix d'origine $515.00
Prix d'origine
$515.00 - $515.00
Prix actuel $515.00
The LIBERTY PLUS  paddock boot offers many technical innovations for exceptional comfort:
  • comfort elastic on inner top heel side and on Achille’s tendon ;
  • FJstrapping™ tongue with centering elastic;
  • external Velcro attachment system Liberty Concept with the chaps, in full leather with reinforced stitches ;
  • double stitchings for more durability ;
  • full grain leather ;
  • Freejump Riding Control™ inner sole, developed in collaboration with Sidas®, the specialis of orthopaedic soles for sports applications, which ensures pressure distribution and support under the foot plant ;
  • injected rubber outsole with raised heel ;
  • 3 position spur cleats and double stitched seams for optimum fixity and durability ;
  • non-slip microfibre heel.

Sizes: 36 to 46 (EU).

Care instructions: wash with clean water, alternate between FREEWAX leather polish and wax.

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