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Stubben SEQ Spurs w/ Soft Wheel 1153

Prix d'origine $79.95 - Prix d'origine $79.95
Prix d'origine
$79.95 - $79.95
Prix actuel $79.95

The Stubben SEQ Soft Touch Spur is made of flexible stainless steel that allows the rider to form the spur to their individual size, need, and comfort. This flexibility allows SEQ spurs to fit both men and women. Covered in a non-slip material that also protects boots. The wheels of the unique Soft Touch spurs are shaped in a way that all points are identically rounded to make them smooth and soft. The special design of this rowel allows for a faster rotation of the wheel, encouraging a better and softer leg aid. With the SEQ Soft Touch Spurs, the rider can simply place the spurs on the horse's side while the lower leg can remain absolutely still. Due to the movement of the horse, the rowel will rotate and run across the horse's side by itself. These rubber wrapped spurs from Stubben allow the rider to give more accurate and precise aids.

  • Soft Touch
  • 20mm or 35mm neck
  • Stubben Product # 1153- 20mm
  • Stubben Product # 1152- 35mm