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Stubben Steeltec Loose Ring with Bent Joints Bit

Prix d'origine $128.95 - Prix d'origine $128.95
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$128.95 - $128.95
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Stubben Steeltec Sweet Copper Angled Loose Ring Bit has a Sweet Copper mouthpiece to encourage salivation and sensitivity. Three-piece bit is comfortably curved to fit the mouth and is available in sizes: 5, 5.25 , 5.5 , 5.75. The Stubben Steeltec Angled Loose Ring Bit features Stubben's special Sweet Copper mouthpiece comprised of 89% copper, 7% hardened iron + aluminum, and 4% zinc, and does not contain any nickel (a potential allergen). Sweet Copper is very strong, has a sweet taste that encourages salivation for a more sensitive mouth, and just feels good to the horse. Stubben bits are made with the highest quality workmanship, from the development of the Sweet Copper alloy, to the way the holes for the rings are drilled (the holes are actually curved, so there aren't any edges to catch the rings, allowing for especially smooth action).

The Stubben Steeltec Sweet Copper Angled Loose Ring Bit curves around the horse's tongue, giving very comfortable consistent contact in the horse's mouth. You can use the Stubben Steeltec Sweet Copper Loose Ring Snaffle for any discipline, showing or schooling. Please note that the curvature of the angled mouthpiece does wrap around the horse's mouth, so it may fit slightly snugger than other bits that are the same size; if you like a little extra room, consider going up a size in this bit.

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