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Winderen Slim Dressage Half Pad - 10mm

Prix d'origine $399.95 - Prix d'origine $399.95
Prix d'origine
$399.95 - $399.95
Prix actuel $399.95

Engineered and scientifically tested to reduce back strain and tension for both horse and rider, Winderen saddle pads features a unique 5-layer design. The top layer, a Ballistic nylon shell, stands up to the wear and tear of daily use while helping to protect the layers below. The pad’s second layer, the Dynamic Stabilization layer, stabilizes the saddle and helps to compensate for variations in saddle fit. In the middle, the Force Equalizer layer features a non-Newtonian material that has the ability to store and absorb excess energy. The fourth layer, the Biomechanical Connective Tissue layer, helps protect the horse’s muscles under the pad for optimum performance and physical development. Finally, the Kevlar bottom shell improves airflow and prevents the pad from slipping.


  • Innovative Back Protect Solution
  • Helps protect both you and your horse’s backs
  • Five layer design for optimum performance
  • Perfect Fit for pressure reduction and improved saddle fit
  • Enhanced muscle support – allows your horse to use his back muscles without restriction
  • Enhanced freedom of movement for your horse
  • Exceptional pressure reduction for your horse’s back
  • Ergonomic design improves rider stability
  • Helps relieve rider back strain and muscle tension
  • Replaceable upper shell available in a range of colours
  • Cut-back withers
  • Pad folds for easy transport and storage
  • Dirt resistant and washable outer shell (remove inner layers and wash at 30 Degrees)
  • Slim Back Protect Solution is 10mm thick