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How To Redeem Your Points

How To Redeem Your Points

The link below is a guide on how to redeem your points on your account. You must first login to your points account through the bottom left icon to begin.


Ways to redeem: how do I spend points?

As a customer how can I spend points?

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You can spend points under the 'ways to redeem' section of your rewards panel. Here you will find the number of points that are required to claim/get a reward/discount. Please make sure that you are logged into the rewards panel before redeeming your points.

Once you have enough available points, you can select 'Redeem' - again within the rewards panel; click 'Apply code' for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout. Once you redeem a reward, it will appear under 'Your Rewards'. It's worth noting that only one reward is allowed per order.


Note: If you need to cancel or undo a points redemption, you will have to contact the store's customer support.

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