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Vision Comfort Mouth Loose Ring Double Jointed w/ Lozenge

Prix d'origine $34.95 - Prix d'origine $34.95
Prix d'origine
$34.95 - $34.95
Prix actuel $34.95

This bits comfy mouth is a shaped mouthpiece to relieve tongue pressure on horses that have large tongues and horses that have an evasion to tongue pressure, relieving the pressure can result in softening in the mouth and a more responsive horse in terms of listening to what you asking, rather than battling against unwanted pressures with the Loose ring cheek, it allows the horse to position the bit where it's most comfortable and gives more mobility to the bit to help horses that lean on the bit

 A great bit for training and flat work but don't rule it out for been used in other disciplines, when a horse is comfortable in the mouth you'll find that they are more responsive and so don't need to be over bitted. 

Dressage Legal

Lozenge Link Centre

55mm Rings

15mm mouthpiece 

German Silver